Renaissance photography

The North Grenville Photography Club


by Jancy Watkins

The North Grenville Photography Club is composed of a very diverse group of people who enjoy the art of capturing images. Whether it’s with a simple point and shoot camera, or the latest ‘top of the line’ SLR, someone with little experience or technical professionals, members are encouraged to participate in challenges and contests covering a wide range of topics.

A recent contest, ‘Renaissance Still Life’, had eager photographers researching old works of art to discover what was required to recreate the look of a classic still life painting.
A number of aspects had to be considered in order to capture the essence of these works of art. First and foremost, an overall theme had to be chosen. This sent the participants off on a mission to acquire all the props needed to recreate their vision. Some scoured their residence for inspiration and just the right pieces, while others went shopping to find the perfect objects.

The next task was how to assemble the props to create a grouping that looked natural and was pleasing to the eye. Lighting the arrangement, so that it had that Renaissance mood, also took considerable thought and ingenuity. Anything, from natural widow light to multiple artificial light set ups, were employed. Camera settings, and the best angle at which to shoot, also came into play, as images were snapped in hopes of capturing the one envisioned by the photographer. Most of those who partook also employed some form of post-processing before submitting their final product.

The results were diverse and outstanding! A few members literally replicated still life paintings, others did their own version of Renaissance still life which truly looked like old paintings, while others gave still life a very modern twist. This was certainly one of the club’s more demanding, yet fun, contest subjects to date.

The NGPC prides itself on being inclusive to all levels of photographers, providing instruction and support in a relaxed atmosphere. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, from 7-9 pm at the Grenville Mutual Insurance, 380 Colonnade Drive. If anyone is interested in learning more about the club, please visit our website


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