Red Vest Volunteers at KDH


by Connie Parsons, Volunteer Coordinator, Kemptville District Hospital Auxiliary

Ever been to the hospital in Kemptville, and been at a loss to find where you were supposed to go? Ever had someone wearing a red vest offer to help you?

Too often lately, there hasn’t been a person in a red vest at the main door to answer questions or provide guidance. The new clinic area doesn’t have one. Even the Emergency waiting area sometimes doesn’t have one.

Signage has improved tremendously, but, in this modern world, don’t we all wish for a real live person to talk to? Someone who wears a smile and really cares.

As a volunteer in a red vest myself, I look forward to my time at KDH. There isn’t a shift goes by that I don’t hear sincere appreciation from someone. Knowing that some small thing that I did made a big difference to someone else makes my day.

If you have thought about volunteering, please, consider Kemptville District Hospital. It only takes 3-4 hours once a week to help make someone’s visit to our hospital in Kemptville so much easier and more pleasant. You’ll also make new friends as the volunteer team works together.

You can find an application form to become a volunteer at Kemptville District Hospital on the website – or call 613-258-6133 ext. 125.


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