RED grants covers more than just EDO salary


by Hilary Thomson

The Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford would like residents to know that the Rural Economic Development (RED) grant received earlier this year is meant to cover more than just the new Economic Development Officer’s salary.

“The $98,000 from RED is intended to cover roughly 50% of the total cost of multiple Economic Development programs and priorities over three fiscal years, not solely salary,” clarified Economic Development Officer, Jeff McNamee.

Jeff says that it is difficult to be specific as to what initiatives the grant will help fund, as it is early days, and he is still in data-gathering and prioritization period. He will say that anything funded by the grant will be in line with the Strategic Plan that the municipality adopted in 2017. The priorities included in this plan are: building a growing progressive economy, protecting heritage, rural and natural environments, promoting healthy living, and ensuring efficient, effective services and civic engagement.

“This plan identifies projects to attract and promote new businesses and controlled growth in the Village and, equally, expand opportunities in the rural area,” Jeff says. “We are looking to leverage the many assets of Merrickville-Wolford.”


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