Recycling in Merrickville-Wolford


The issue of recycling in Merrickville-Wolford was brought up at the last council meeting as an issue for the new council to look into. The topic was raised in a letter to council from resident Eleanor Beelich, stating her displeasure in finding out the Merrickville-Wolford landfill no longer took items like milk cartons and tetrapaks. “This is most unfortunate,” she wrote in the letter. “I know it is expensive, but I think our planet, country, town, municipality, is worth it.”

Resident, Ivan Wood, stepped up to the podium during the meeting’s public question period to second Eleanor’s concern. “We are getting buried in rubbish,” he said. “We should be pressuring [companies] not to use non-recyclable packaging.”

Mayor Doug Struthers said that council will direct staff to prepare a report outlining what can and cannot be recycled currently in Merrickville-Wolford, so they could share this information with the public. Councillor Timothy Molloy also asked staff to look into the timeline for renewing their current recycling contract.


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