Last week, I noted the uncertainty which has arisen following the sale of two of North Grenville’s historic buildings. To reassure residents, Shahrooz Tazdani, owner of Yazdani Family Dentistry, and purchaser of the Oddfellows Hall  on Clothier Street East, has contacted the Times about his plans for the building.

“I am the soon to be new owner of the Oddfellows building. I’d like to assure the community that I have a great love for heritage buildings and preserving them as much as possible, especially in a community that has been so good to me. My plan is to maintain the exterior exactly as is, except for fixing and repointing exterior brick work, replacing all the windows (including opening up the boarded ones), paving the open parts of the parcel of land, and renovating the interior to serve as administrative office spaces on the top floor and a large meeting/training room for the lower level, all of which to serve our growing dental organization. For clarity we will NOT be using the space for clinical dental practice, but rather for supportive administrative space.”

It is very encouraging to have such a community-minded business person take over this heritage property, knowing that it will be preserved as much as possible. Many thanks to Shahrooz Yazdani for his assurances and committment.


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