Reaching out to the Friends of the Kemptville Cancer Group


Submitted by Ellen Miller

May this year be a happy one for us all. We had to close our doors at the Legion meeting room for so long, but we are now ready to reach out to our friends who are down with cancer now and need us to open our doors to them.

The meeting will be held on the January 18 at 2 pm. I am reaching out to men and women who are suffering from cancer at the moment to let them know that we have all been there or are just getting over it, and we want to share and help you in any way by being here to talk with you and to help you feel that we can relate to you at this time.

Please join us on the 18th and know that we understand. It is just good as you walk through our meeting door that you know you are among those who know your sufferings and we are ready to share our experiences with you.

God Bless hope to see you there.  Members of the cancer group please reach out to your neighbours and friends who you feel would be interested.

Ellen and Bob


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