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Last week, I was at the drive-through at Tim Horton’s, Kemptville Mall, and as I went to pay for my coffee I was told that someone had already paid for it. Not someone I knew, just a random person who had paid for ten cups of coffee and asked the staff to pass it on. It’s not the first time this has happened. On Remembrance Day someone came through and gave cash to the servers and asked if they would give any vet coming in a free coffee. The staff at Tim Horton’s see this often. To that kind stranger who paid for my coffee that early morning, thank you so much! Such acts of kindness can change an entire day for someone.

A big thank you, also, to the couple who walk down Pinehill Road every day and pick up litter along the way. Last Saturday, they had large plastic bags, (paid for by Tim Horton’s and which can be picked up at the Municipal Centre this week), and were doing a thorough clean-up job on that road. As I stopped to take their picture and chat a little, the ditch (not seen clearly from the road) was totally littered with garbage. It was pretty disgusting. This morning as I drove by, all had been removed. Thank you both for Pitching In!

If you have such stories that you would like to share, please email or call the North Grenville Times. We love to hear from you! North Grenville is a wonderful community of volunteers and amazing heroes.


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