by Chuck MacInnis

There is less than a week to go, and it looks like the weather will be co-operating for this year’s Merrickville Heritage Classic.

Race Director, Lori Reynolds, who has been monitoring the weather closely, is relieved to report that the current forecast for April 27 calls for a mix of sun and cloud, with temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees.

“It is perfect weather for a run or walk through the village streets on a Saturday morning”, she said.

And people are enthused. Over 250 people have registered so far and more are expected in the next couple of days. Mayor Doug Struthers and MP Michael Barrett will be on hand to greet the runners and will be joining the participants in the 2km event this year.

Piper Callum Gauthier is returning this year to lead the runners and walkers to the start gate, where Royal Navy re-enactor and cannoneer, Bob Irvine, will blast them through the gate with the rolling thunder of his cannon. Piper Gauthier will be there upon their return, piping them across the finish line.

As in the past three years, beautiful handcrafted medals, designed and manufactured in Merrickville by Alloy Foundry Company Limited (the Village Metalsmiths), will be awarded to the top three winners of the 5K and 10K events. In addition, those who complete the 2K, 5K and 10K events will receive a participation medal as they cross the finish line, also designed and produced by the Village Metalsmiths.

Organizers say there are a few spaces left for people wanting to run or walk in the Saturday morning event. They will continue to accept online registrations into Thursday night; after that people may register in person at the Community Centre on Friday evening and early Saturday morning.


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