Photo provided by the Municipality of North Grenville - Steve Hamilton with the Grader

Council would like to pay tribute to the Municipality of North Grenville’s public works professionals, including engineers, roads crews, water quality employees, managers and other staff. Public Works Week was held May 16 – 22, 2021.

“We recognize the substantial contributions our Public Works Team makes to ensuring our community’s health, safety, and quality of life is both maintained and enhanced,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

North Grenville’s Public Works Team oversees municipal infrastructure, facilities and services that are of vital importance to day-to-day operations. “Water and wastewater treatment, roads and bridges, traffic signals and lighting, sanitation, as well as winter maintenance and safety are just some of the ways in which the Municipality’s dedicated Public Works Team contributes day in and day out to North Grenville,” highlighted Mayor Peckford.

As Council liaison for public works, John Barclay noted, “Public works is one of the key foundations of a rural – urban community like ours. With a small but very dedicated staff, it is remarkable how much gets done no matter what the season.”

This year’s theme, “Stronger Together” emphasizes the opportunity for residents to better appreciate the important role that public infrastructure and services play in our daily lives.

It is often easy to take it for granted, but without the steadfast commitment and contribution of North Grenville’s Public works staff, many of whom go above and beyond to serve North Grenville, our community would look remarkably different.




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