What a horrible day to be looking out of our window wondering what our poor feathered friends are doing to survive, as the wind blows, the rain and ice pour down, the lightning flashes and thunder claps rend the air! An early visit by a male Hairy Woopecker and now a Female of the same species are of a prudent nature since my hanging feeders are still a trifle sheltered under the eaves, but entirely impervious to the now driving rain.

As I watch, the icicles are staring to grow and the exposed food is getting a coating too – yuk!! The two Mourning Doves that were hunkered down in one of our pine trees cannot be seen from the window at this time, if they are still there, but a resilient Chickadee is just small enough to get on top of the food in one of our roof covered feeders, despite the growing icicle barrier! Good for him or her!

On a more cheery note, and going back a couple of days, we were treated to the appearance of a Turkey Vulture actually in our front garden, which is by the side of a fairly residential roadway. It had just come over our trees, presumably off some “road-kill” and went over the house at very low height, did a quick circuit and then disappeared, without me having time to grab my camera for a shot of it!

A day later, looking out of the same front window, I spotted a Turkey Vulture rise up from behind the tree-line as I was looking to the south-east towards the creek, where the Canada Geese tend to congregate daily. Surprise, surprise another appeared – and then another, and then another, until there were five in all! I kept moving!! I didn’t want that many Vultures “preying” on me if you see what I mean!! I hope this week’s picture is clear enough for you to see them all!

Hopefully you are all staying well sheltered for the duration of this yucky weather and that it is now a lot warmer for you today. Stay safe and well, in whatever we have got, but still keep a sharp look-out for our birds as they continue to return to us for the summer.


John Baldwin



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