Mitzie Hunter, Ontario Minister of Education, issued the following statement about a tentative labour agreement with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association:
“We have entered into discussions with our education partners to build upon the gains we’ve made in Ontario’s publicly-funded education system and to continue to give students the best educational experience possible. Our goal with respect to any collective agreement is an agreement that promotes stability in the sector, is consistent with our fiscal plan, and achieves positive results for students and for those who work in the education system. The recent round of discussions with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association were extremely collaborative and productive, and have resulted in a tentative agreement to extend their current contract by two years.

The tentative agreements reached with OECTA, CUPE, AEFO and EWAO, if ratified, allow us to stay focused on what matters most: our students. We are still realizing the benefits from the last round of labour negotiations. We are focusing on our shared priorities and building upon the gains we’ve made in Ontario’s publicly-funded education system. These gains include the highest graduation rate in the province’s history, strong literacy and reading results, and equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need today for tomorrow’s rapidly-changing world.

Today’s news is proof to Ontario’s youngest learners and their parents that the adults involved in their education are working together and are focused on their path to success.”


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