Police Services Board for North Grenville


In a previous issue, we reported that the latest proposal for the reorganisation of Police Services Boards in the United Counties allocated one PSB between North Grenville and Merrickville-Wolford. However, North Grenville CAO, Gary Dyke, has now informed us that that is not the case. The proposed changes involve a single PSB for the municipality, and a change in the makeup of the Board.

“The most recent submission to SOLGEN [Solicitor General’s Office] has NG having a stand alone board and not sharing one with Merrickville-Walford. The NG submission would also increase the size of the Board to 7 members to facilitate a greater level of community representation (i.e. non-elected representation).”

The proposed distribution of Police Services Boards in the United Counties

As reported previously, the changes in the PSB setup has implications for policing costs as they relate to the planned prison in Kemptville, and Gary provided an update on how the municipality is approaching that issue. “I would also note that as Mayor Peckford stated, municipal Council continue to advise the Solicitor General that Council are opposed to any policing cost increases to MNG as a result of the new facility. I can advise that we received confirmation this past week that Mayor Peckford’s request to present this position to the new SG Michael Kerzner – has been scheduled for August 16 at the upcoming AMO conference. I would also note that this issue has been a consistent topic of discussion between Mayor Peckford and the former SG Sylvia Jones as well as between my office and senior SOLGEN staff members.”

The proposed prison, and Council’s handling of the issue, will be a topic that will certainly be raised in the upcoming municipal elections in October, as other items in this issue will confirm.


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