by Councillor Kristin Strackerjan

Pitch-in and start to do something as part of a group, especially something helpful.

This week, many members of our community will roll up their sleeves and help clean-up the many ditches, parks, forests and fields in North Grenville. COVID restrictions will limit the size of the groups participating in the 2021 PITCH-IN event, but not the number of participants. Households will come out to tidy-up a local favorite spot. Last year, 94 individuals, families and groups registered for PITCH-IN 2020 – Social Distancing Edition 1.0. The Municipality handed out more than 450 bags. This trend has been consistent over the past several years.

Although we all wish this was not necessary, thank you to everyone who is doing their part to help clean up our community during this event, and throughout the year! You are keeping our community beautiful by maintaining and restoring a healthy environment. The birds, bees, frogs and people are all grateful!

This week, we will also recognize Earth Day on April 22. This year’s campaign is simple: let’s take care of our planet (! Pitch-in is one simple and effective way for us to take care of our small corner of the Earth. What else can we do at home and in our community? Have you thought about how you can influence local decisions for the future of North Grenville? How can your voice be heard, and how can you be part of the solution for a better, more sustainable and cleaner community?

The Sustainability Fair was a fantastic way for us to highlight many of the local, environmentally focused initiatives, producers and groups in our area, including the largest electric vehicle show in Eastern Ontario. While COVID restrictions have put a pause on this amazing event, it will come back better, and as soon as possible.

The Municipal Council and Staff are currently supporting many different resident-led Advisory Committees (AC). If you are passionate about this community, your attendance and participation is welcome at any meeting. The Environmental Action Advisory Committee focuses on making recommendations to Council on the protection of our local lands, becoming a more energy efficient municipality, and creating opportunities for engagement with residents about what changes they would like to see. To learn more, check out the information on Committees at under the Govern tab.

Of course, one popular way to voice one’s opinion is via social media. Used constructively, the various platforms can be a great way to express thoughts and concerns, ask questions, and drum up support for worthy causes. Recently, the Kemptville Environmental Group was created on Facebook to discuss all topics related to the local environment. Let’s use this as one of the means of communication to encourage and inspire each other to take action, no matter how small.

We are fortunate to have many different options for participation in North Grenville – find one that works for you! This Council encourages each of you to pitch-in, year-round.


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