The recipe for a motorcycle lover’s perfect day? Sunny weather, surrounded by other fellow riders and some amazing bikes.

This was the case for the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group last weekend at the Annual Oxford Mills Vintage Motorcycle Show and Shine. It was an all-day event that took place at Maplewood Park in Oxford Mills.

As an avid biker and motorcycle enthusiast, I took the leisurely ride to the park on my 1991 Yamaha Virago. As I rolled up, bikers and bike lovers alike lined the entrance, showing off their prized possessions. The park was busy with many proud owners discussing their bikes on display.

The Ottawa section of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group did a wonderful job of bringing together like-minded individuals for a fun day of chatting about the thing that makes them the happiest: motorcycles.

Admirers enjoyed some food, refreshments and probably most popular….pie!

A booth was set up in one corner of the park explaining the heartwarming story of how a 90 year old biker was reunited with his bike after 60 years. That 1956 DKW RT175 S was also on display, fully restored in 2017 and out in all its shining glory.

There was no shortage of vintage bikes on display and a great day was had by all. I know I will be returning next year!



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