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Rideau Hill Camp was electric with energy and excitement last weekend when more than 160 Girl Guides moved in for Guide Camp 150, marking Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Guides came from all over the region: Rockland, Russell, Blackburn Hamlet, Riverside, Carleton Place, Woodstock, Kanata, Orleans, Ottawa, and South Dundas, but the weekend was planned by the Oxford Mills Sisterhood of Guiding, led by Mary-Anne Leang, Sarah Robinson, and Ann Lalonde. These three incredible women organised a very impressive schedule of activities and kept the Guides entertained and educated in the most enjoyable way possible.

On Friday night, the weekend kicked off with a “get to know your campsite” scavenger hunt: 160 Guides chasing clues and getting to know each other and the camp. Then, once gathered around the campfire, each unit was assigned a skit, a challenge to put on some performance that would represent one Canadian province each. Even after such considerable exercise and activity, it is doubtful if many of the girls slept much that night.

Saturday morning began with a hearty breakfast. Then they were split into mixed groups which were able to take part in a wide range of activities such as archery, basketball, line dancing, and learning about the Canadian Flag, its history and symbolism. This even included learning how to tie the knot in the rope that holds the flag to the flagpole.

After that, there was a section dealing with the Chinese community in British Columbia. The Guides were taught how to make Chinese Lanterns, and were taught about local food and songs, etc. The entire weekend was a great example of what the Sisterhood of Guiding can provide for the girls who get involved. Fun, friendship and activities: learning how to be strong together.

Congratulations to the Oxford Mills Sisterhood of Guiding for such a wonderful weekend.
While there I was able to videotape some of the activities, which can be viewed on our web site


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