by John Baldwin

I had a lovely surprise, the other day, when driving to the township dump,
I spotted two young “Billy Goats Gruff” sunning themselves, on a man-made gravelly tump.
They were still there on my return trip and, of course, my camera was not to hand,
So a rush back home to get it, which happens when things are seen, unplanned!
Of course, on returning, the pair of them had vacated their sunny spot,
And I was left ruing a lost opportunity and wondering if I would get another chance, or not!
Well, perchance, today is sunny, so off I go, again, to seek their sunny mound,
And they didn’t disappoint me, they were back there and gave me a plaintiff bleating sound.
I started taking pictures, but in my haste and to my chagrin,
I had a camera warning that no memory card was within!!
With many mutterings and curses a rapid trip, back, to home, was made,
To get the vital essential from the computer, where, after its last down-loading it still laid!
Back down the road, as fast as reasonably possible, I can tell you it wasn’t easily done,
But my luck was in and they were still there, basking in the sun.
To take my pictures I was able, maybe not of visiting birds in song,
For as I said here in the title – the summer birds are gone! – No “kid”ding!
Do you get it – baby goats are, – oh I give up!!?? Just stay safe and healthy.

23 September 2020 ( The year of Covid 19)


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