OPP investigates cat deaths


by David Shanahan

Following last week’s article in the Times about dismembered cats turning up in Kemptville over the past months, the Grenville County Ontario Provincial Police responded to six calls for service, in relation to missing or deceased cats. Further reports of dead cats, as well as a large number of missing cats, have been posted on our Facebook page over the past week. However, the OPP have now stated that the deaths appear to be the work of coyotes:

“Police, with the assistance of a Conservation Officer have investigated the reported incidents. Currently, there is no reason to suspect foul play. The deceased cats appear to have been killed by an animal and the Conservation Authorities suspect coyotes.”

Some residents remain convinced that the state in which the cats’ remains were found seem to indicate something more forensic than animal attacks. However, whether caused by animal or human, the steps that need to be taken by cat owners remains the same. As the OPP recommend: “The OPP will not investigate a missing cat, unless criminal activity is suspected. To ensure the safety of your cat, pet owners are encouraged to keep their pets indoors”.


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