OPP budget for 2021


The North Grenville municipal budget for police services will remain unchanged from last year. Total cost of the contract with the Ontario Provincial Police [OPP] stays at $2.4 million, accounting for 11% of total operating budget. The estimated cost of this service for each household in the municipality amounts to $321.91 per year.

The OPP contract has often been a source of controversy, and the negotiation of each renewal has been followed with great interest by residents. The contract is based on service per household. The 7,507 residential and business properties have a levy of $177.48 each for Base Service, and an additional $129.57 for Calls for Service. The Municipality is charged $201,991 per month for the contract.

This is a definite change since 2015, for example, when the cost of Police Services in the community was 24% of the total budget, with each household being levied $417.45 for police services.


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