Robert Noseworthy, Cathy Ashby, Councilor John Thompson, Councilor Gary Annable, Mayor Tony Fraser, Councilor Tyler Hoy, and Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong

Robert Noseworthy, of Westerra Homes, has been donating food to House of Lazarus [HOL] for the past 5 years. Every time a Westerra Home is sold, he donates $300 of canned goods. Recently, Robert learned of Operation Backpack and, due to his own early childhood experiences, Robert was drawn to the program. It was during a North Dundas Council meeting when he heard House of Lazarus Executive Director, Cathy Ashby, present about the work that House of Lazarus does.

Robert was moved to action and asked trades people and suppliers who work with Westerra Homes to donate to Operation Backpack in lieu of the traditional baskets given to their company for the holidays. He also decided to match those funds. On January 22, Robert chose another North Dundas council meeting as the venue to present the check for $8,100.

“We are very grateful for the donations from Westerra Homes, Robert Noseworthy, and their associates. The community donations ensure that Operation Backpack will continue to meet the local needs for this program. We currently offer the program at six area schools and are feeding 171 children each weekend”, said Cathy Ashby, House of Lazarus Executive Director.


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