Who would have thought the familiar swish of the front door opening would have brought so much excitement and joy? One by one, members of the Seniors’ Community Services Diners’ Club made their way into the dining room. Although the group was a smaller one to accommodate COVID protocol, the room was filled with conversation, music and the aroma of lunch cooking in the kitchen. For the first time in over 18 months, Seniors’ Community Services welcomed the community back into the centre.

The pandemic forced our hand and our virtual reach became the glue that kept our community together. Our computer screens and smart phones became the lifeline for connecting clients to exercise, card games and trivia afternoons. Unfortunately, the Diners’ Club had no choice but to shut down during a time when we could no longer gather in person. As weeks turned into months, social isolation and loneliness became a concern. Humans, by nature, are social beings and although connecting virtually was filling some of the void, there was still work to do. Enter Jeff Underhill, Lucky Silva and their team at Shoeless Joe’s in Kemptville.

Every Tuesday (Tasty Tuesday as we call them) over the last three months, 20 Diners’ Club meals were lovingly prepared by Jeff’s staff and delivered by SCS volunteers. Shoeless Joe’s not only provided something for seniors to look forward to each week, they gave the gift of connection and compassion, one act of kindness that spoke volumes to Seniors’ Community Services and those we serve.

Over the summer, our clients were also treated to fresh vegetables thanks to Kate Duggan of Klondike Farm. As her garden became more bountiful, Kate looked for a place to donate. She heard about SCS and knew it was the partnership she was looking for. Not only does Kate grow and donate, but every week she visits the office with baskets full of vegetables that are delivered right to our clients’ door. We all know the importance of eating well, especially the benefits of vegetables (reduces heart disease, healthy eyes, lowers blood pressure, improves immune health…and it makes your mom happy too!). Now it is easier than ever for our clients to have field to table freshness, thanks to the kindness of Kate.

Re-opening does not come without process, and we encourage you to visit our website (www.seniorscs.ca) for the guidelines. Our Facebook page has events, updates and information you don’t want to miss.

For more information on our re-opening, or just to connect please call 613-258-3203 or [email protected]

Coming up: Sunday, September 26, Photos in the Park Fundraiser (check FB for all the details)




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