Old Town Kemptville BIA Report


Thanks to everyone involved in making the Skateway a reality this year! It was a wonderful outdoor activity that gave many of us a big juicy bite of both fun and nostalgia.

The bright side is that we can now look forward to next year’s Skateway and the first Kemptville Winter Carnival in 2023! On second thought, maybe we should enjoy some warmer weather before we skip right to next winter.

Proof of Vaccination:

On Tuesday March 1, the provincial government withdrew the provincial requirement for proof of vaccination passports. However, businesses, institutions and other organizations may still choose to require proof of vaccination to enter their premises. They may make this decision based on what they believe is best for the health and safety of their employees, volunteers, clients and families.

Some members of our business community and residents may have real concerns and worries about what the easing of restrictions means for them and their families. Please be kind and patient with each other as we all navigate this new normal together.

For some, this lifting of restrictions is a most welcome development, for others, not so much. The experience of the last two years has left its mark on many of us. Not everyone is ready to move forward. There are those who are still dealing with anxiety, grief and fear that won’t just disappear overnight.

Over the days, weeks and months ahead if you encounter someone who is clearly struggling with a situation, please give that person some time and space. Not everyone deals with things in the same way or at the same pace. You also don’t know the kind of struggles that person may dealing with.

Kindness in harmony with patience may be our greatest weapon against the many troubles that we must face together. Let’s spread them generously, one person at a time.


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