Notes from the United Counties


Counties Council to begin search for new CAO: Counties Council is issuing a Request for Proposal by invitation for executive search firms for the recruitment and selection of a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

Current CAO, Andy Brown, is retiring in June 2021 after 33 years in municipal government, including progressive top administrator positions with the Township of Horton, the Town of Prescott, the Township of South Dundas and the Municipality of North Grenville.

“During his eight years with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Andy Brown has brought considerable strength and consistency to Counties’ Administration and has provided invaluable assistance and guidance to the Counties Council governance function,” said Warden Pat Sayeau.

“His extensive knowledge of municipal legislation, the functioning of the political process and his vast corporate memory, has served the residents of the Counties very well. The Committee faces a major task in finding a successor,” the Warden said.

The goal is to have an Executive Search Team in place by the end of the year or early in 2021. Counties Council has also appointed a CAO Selection Committee which will work with the successful executive search firm. This committee is comprised of Warden Pat Sayeau, Councillors Robin Jones, Arie Hoogenboom, Roger Haley and Corinna Smith-Gatcke. For more information contact Warden Pat Sayeau 613-342-3840.

Updated electronic meeting by-law passed by Council: Counties Council has passed a by-law governing the continued electronic participation of members in council and committee proceedings. In the early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak in March, Counties Council initially passed a by-law allowing electronic participation by members during the emergency. In July, the COVID-19 Recovery Act, or Bill 197, was passed to allow municipalities to permit electronic meeting participation.

The new Counties Council by-law means electronic participation will continue and will be available to members who deem it necessary due to illness, isolation or other constraints. Electronic participation means telephone, video or audio conferencing or other interactive methods where participants are able to hear and be heard by all participants. Members may participate in an open or closed meeting electronically and be counted for the purposes of quorum.

Each member will be responsible to take all reasonable measures to ensure security in the event that a closed meeting is held electronically. For more information, contact County Clerk Lesley Todd at 613-342-3849, ext. 2454.

Motorized riders in Limerick Forest must be club affiliated: The United Counties have entered into an agreement with local all-terrain vehicle and dirt bike clubs for the safe governance, operation and maintenance of the Limerick Forest trails.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between the Counties and the Johnstown ATV Club and Bytown Motorcycle Association, which are respectfully affiliated with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) and the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR).

“This agreement means that if you wish to ride an ATV or dirt bike in Limerick Forest you must be a member of a local or provincial dirt bike or ATV club,” said Forest Manager Geoff McVey.

“The clubs provide maintenance of the trails and trail wardens to promote safe, responsible riding, respect for other riders and they educate riders on the need for plates and insurance,” he said. The local clubs help control noise pollution, alcohol, littering and riding on closed trails. They also do annual spring and fall trail inspections, which are based on the Limerick Forest Minimum Trail Maintenance Standards.


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