North Grenville’s Council announces 2021 Civic Awards recipients


North Grenville’s Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Civic Awards, which are intended to highlight individuals and groups who have showed outstanding service to the community.

“On behalf of Council, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all recipients and acknowledge the significant role they have played over the last year in contributing to the culture of caring and leadership on display here,” said Mayor Peckford. “We thank everyone who took the time to nominate an individual or organization. North Grenville is very fortunate to have such motivated and talented volunteers who want to make our community stronger. These were not easy decisions, given the number and quality of nominations received.”

The 2021 Civic Awards ceremony will occur at the February 9, 2022 Virtual Council Meeting.

For any members of the public wanting to attend the meeting virtually, pre-registration is required by e-mailing Or watch the livestream on the North Grenville YouTube channel:

The 2021 Civic Awards were awarded to the following individuals and organizations:

Agricultural Leadership (Senior, 56 years and older) *NEW*: Joyce Seguin
Arts and Culture (Senior, 56 years and older): Herb Cloutier
Environment (Group): Sustainable North Grenville
Exemplary Work in the Community (Youth, 25 years and younger): Eliza Batchelor
Exemplary Work in the Community (Adult, 26 – 55 years): Diana Fisher
Exemplary Work in the Community (Senior, Age 56 and older): Neil Whyte
Exemplary Work in the Community (Group): Kemptville Pride (Founder and Board)
Health and Wellness (Adult, 26 to 55 years): Rebecca Cronk and OmShanti Melanie Charlebois (Joint Award)
Health and Wellness (Group): Members of the ParticipACTION Working Group (Municipal Health Wellness & Fitness Advisory Sub-Committee)
Debbie Allingham
Nick Charman
Tanya Deans
Stacey Dickson
Rick Gerein
Darryl Kielec
Robert Matheson
Phil Mosher
Heritage (Group): Burritt’s Rapids Community Association
Recreation Sport and Leisure (Adult, 26 to 55 years): Mark Robinson
Recreation Sport and Leisure (Senior, 56 and over): Sarah Herring
Youth (Group): The Oxford Mills Sisterhood of Guides

“We hope to see many members of the public attend Council’s virtual ceremony on February 9th to learn more about the wonderful contribution of the 2021 Civic Awards recipients,” added Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman.

The Civic Awards Program was established to recognize and honour the contributions and dedication of individuals and groups who make outstanding contributions to improving the quality of life for all those living and working in North Grenville.

Since the program began in 2009, more than 50 individuals and 11 groups have been recognized for their efforts.

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