by Deron Johnston

Wandering through this year’s edition of the North Grenville Sustainability Fair and Market, it becomes obvious that this event is growing. A quick glance through the parking lot supplies the evidence. You can see licence plates from Quebec, New York, Maine and other Northern U.S. states. Inside, the double salon room inside the North Grenville Municipal Centre enjoyed a steady stream of curious people. Farmers, scientists, artists, local businesses and community organizations, with a central theme of sustainability, provided visitors with plenty to see, hear, touch and taste. As local resident Kristin Strackerjan said “There is such a great vibe at today’s Sustainability Fair”.

One of the major attractions for the event is the electric car show, which is an event entirely unto itself. As a matter of fact, it’s the largest electric car show between Ottawa and Toronto. There was even a motorcycle and an ATV on display this year for those craving a different electric vehicle experience. For people wanting more information, there was even an area set aside for presentations on the various aspects of electric vehicles. The show completely takes over one of the rinks at the Municipal Centre (minus the ice of course) and has well over twenty vehicles to look at, sit in and even test drive.

Thanks to local community organization Sustainable North Grenville for organizing such an important community event and for giving people a chance to learn more about how to live a more sustainable life.


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