North Grenville Scouting All Section Spring Camp


by Scouter Melanie Low and Scouter Jen Mitchell

“1….2…..3!!! … a giant parachute billows up high in the sky and suddenly gets pulled down, entrapping 3 Scout Leader, 3 Scouts, 2 Cubs and 3 Beavers under a colourful fabric bubble filled with giggles and smiles. No matter the age, 71 of North Grenville Scouting youth and leaders had an amazing weekend at the first All Section Camp since 2017.

On May 24-26th, Rideau Provincial Park group camp sites were transformed into the North Grenville Scouting All Section Spring Camp, filled with activities such as bottle rockets, catapults, craft and cooperative games. Youth learned how to safely build fires, cook food, set up tents and work together creating great memories along the way. Doug MacKinnon from Voyageur Council Ottawa came to share his knowledge of leather craft, allowing youth to design and create woggles and keychains, keepsakes to forever treasure. Scouter Andy taught youth skits such as the Life of a Rain Drop where youth pretend to fall from the sky, and land in a pile on the grass, often with much laughter. Tye dye bandanas hung on clotheslines to dry, and plastic bottles were shot high into the air with the help of an air compressor and the Venturer Company youth.

At the all section campfire, MC Scouter Cam, with 53 years of Scouting service entertained us with stories, introduced skits and song, and somehow managed to convince Scouter Greg to chop a beloved sock in half with an axe, creating much laughter amongst the youth. But a visual that will stay with many for years to come will be the breathtaking and captivating image of Scouter Darrell confidently striding around the fire, his majestic cape covered in years worth of earned Scouting badges, and embroidered Scouting history, fanning out behind him as his powerful voice compelled all to sing along to his Fruit Salad song. North Grenville Scouting may be a small but mighty group and are lucky to have Scouter Darrell (aka Scouter Fun) and his “Cape of Many Memories” as a great leader. He was honoured with the Order of the Caribou.

Scouter Jen, aka Scouter Akela, then ceremoniously added years worth of campfire ashes into the weekends bonfire, and when the fire goes out, will then collect those ashes to carry on for future fires.

Weekly scouting meeting season has come to an end and summer brings a new schedule filled with hikes, paddles and trips to Camp Opemikon, North Frontenac, Algonquin and Scotland. But if your youth would like to join Scouting in September, reach out to ngscouts@gmail. A huge thank you to the many volunteers who don the red shirts to mentor and lead North Grenville’s youth in the many fun adventures Scouting offers. Leaders are always needed, so register now as a volunteer to start your very own cape of memories.

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