North Grenville Public Library showcasing local art


The brick wall at the North Grenville Public Library (NGPL) is now adorned with local art, thanks to a partnership between the Library and the North Grenville Arts Guild (NGAG). NGPL CEO, Rachel Brown, says it was the NGAG who first approached her with the idea of a rotating art exhibit featuring local artists at the library. She thought it was a great idea, and so did the Friends of the NGPL, who donated the hardware to hang the art on the walls. “It just seemed like a natural fit,” she says. “Art appreciation is another form of literacy.

President of the NGAG, Gary Blake, says having local artists at the library furthers the NGAG’s mandate of fostering the development of art in the community, beautifying the downtown, and promoting art educa- tion. “Kemptville could use a little more art and culture,” he says.

The first artist being featured is NGAG member, Jim Moran, who has been developing his style for over 20 years. His acrylic paintings of nature, created both plein air and in the studio, are a mixture of realism and impressionist styles. He says his style has definitely evolved since he started painting with oil paints while working in Algonquin Park. “I will never live long enough to learn everything there is to know about painting,” he says.

NGAG has the next 12 months of art displays planned, with each installation being shown at the library for two months. The exhibits will feature different styles and mediums of painting, as well as some photography. Right now, all the artists involved are part of the NGAG, but the opportunity to display art at the library is open to anyone who wants to share their work with the community.

Rachel says her favourite part of having the art at the library is coming out of her office and seeing how nice they look on the exposed brick walls. “It’s so beautiful,” she says. Patrons of the library have also shown their appreciation for the art, with many walking along the wall to take it in. “They really appreciate it,” Rachel says.

Gary encourages anyone interested in creating any form of art to join the NGAG. The group has grown, since it was revitalized 18 months ago, to 72 members, and includes artists of all levels, mediums, styles and backgrounds. “We know there is a lot of artistic talent in town, and we want to give them a central place to show art and learn from each other,” he says.


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