North Grenville Public Library budget set


In the Municipality’s 2021 Budget documents, the North Grenville Public Library [NGPL] celebrates the fact that they are still operating, albeit at a reduced level, in spite of the pandemic’s effects on the community. “Resilient in 2020 despite closure and restrictions due to COVID-19″ is the headline.

As might be expected, NGPL circulation for 2020 was around 75% of 2019’s total; and e-book circulation went up 17.5% as more people stayed home and accessed NGPL services online during the shut down periods. The Library’s Wi-fi signal was boosted to cope with the demand. Staff reported that curbside pick-up was very successful in keeping readers supplied.

When possible, NGPL held outdoor programs at local parks and trails with small groups and taking the expected precautions. Online programs also continued, and the NGPL presence online was reflected in 570 posts on Facebook, with more than 16,000 contacts. There were 116 original videos posted, and the website was improved and expanded.

The NGPL operating budget took something of a hit with the suspension of late fees, and the 2021 budget request was for around $480,000 in their Municipal Grant. Expenses for 2020 were $526,552, and those for 2021 were estimated at $538,616, an increase of 2.29%. The increase included a 1% rise in salaries, largely due to a Cost of Living element.

Under the Consolidated Budget process, the Library’s budget until 2024 is generally set out, and the expectation is that revenues will match expenses once the complications of the pandemic have been oversome.


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