Grade 12 Leadership class which collected the most for the drive. (photo credit: Marla Campeau)

by Brandon Mayer
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A local high school stepped up and raised over 1,600 needed items for local charitable organizations. Students at North Grenville District High School in Kemptville collected the items, which included food and toiletries, for the House of Lazarus and the Salvation Army.

Rebecca MacKay, a teacher at North Grenville DHS who also acts as the school’s Student Activities Council Advisor, told the Times about her pride in the students’ generosity and accomplishments.

“Students showed a great deal of generosity, and were excited to participate in an event that helps their community.” Rebecca told the Times. “The students are the heroes of this venture.” She explained that students were asked to bring in non-perishable food items and toiletries to their first period class to donate to the drive. House of Lazarus had told Rebecca which items were most needed, and these included toothbrushes, deodorant, oatmeal, pancake mix, and more.

When asked what inspired the food and toiletries drive, Rebecca responded that such charitable work happens regularly at the school, stating: “Last year, COVID put a stop to all extracurricular activities. This year, we are allowed to run events with some modifications. Historically, we do a food/toiletries drive at some point in the school year. Thanksgiving seemed like a good time to do it.”

In her role as Student Activities Council Advisor, Rebecca helps to make sure that the students at North Grenville DHS have ample opportunities to do good things for the school and for the local community.

A friendly competition took place as part of the drive to see which class could bring in the most items for donation. The winning class was a Grade 12 Leadership class, taught by Marla Campeau, whose students brought in over 750 items.

The Times reached out to Cathy Ashby, Executive Director of the House of Lazarus, to ask what she thought of the students’ initiative. She responded, “The North Grenville District High School students have been extremely generous in their support. They provided House of Lazarus with over 500lbs of breakfast foods and toiletries that are always in need. We believe that as food and housing prices continue to rise, our food bank will be in even greater need in the coming months. We are thankful that the students provided these essential items for those in our community who are in need at this time. Their actions are truly appreciated.”

North Grenville DHS’s next charitable initiative is greatly anticipated!


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