Gage Echlin, one of the Municipality’s Water Wastewater Operators, conducts a watermain flush.

submitted by Jill Sturdy, Municipality of NG

From May 21 – 27, 2023, Council recognizes the dedicated staff who go above and beyond to provide our community with front-line services that safeguard and enhance the quality of life in North Grenville.

Since 1960, municipalities across Canada have recognized National Public Works Week to educate, engage and inform the public about how Public Works contribute to the quality of life of residents of all ages and stages.

“We recognize the wonderful contributions of North Grenville’s Public Works team to everything from clean water, well maintained roads and sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian controlled intersections, a busy transfer station, as well as the Municipality’s waste management programs, among other things,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

“The Public Works crew played a crucial role during the ice storm emergency, with the road clean-up in the hours and days after the storm, as well as the ongoing brush cleanup,” added Mayor Peckford.

“Public Works is fundamental to a rural/urban community like ours. Our dedicated staff focus on infrastructure, facilities and services that are of vital importance to sustainable and resilient communities, and to public health, high quality of life and overall well-being,” highlighted Councillor Debbie Wilson.

This year’s theme, “Connecting the World through Public Works”, emphasizes the fact that Public Works is the thread that connects us all. Public Works connectors help keep communities strong by providing an infrastructure of services in transportation, water and wastewater treatment, drainage, emergency management and first response, and waste management.

“It is often easy to take it for granted, but without the steadfast commitment and contribution of North Grenville’s Public Works staff, who go above and beyond to serve the Municipality, our community would look remarkably different,” emphasized Deputy Mayor Barclay.



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