North Grenville Arts Guild – The Fourth Installment


The NGAG is happy to share the fourth canvas in their Co-Operative Canvas Project. As many are by now aware, there are a total of 10 canvases, cooperatively painted by 10 of the members of the guild. These are for the upcoming auction in support of the North Grenville Library and their community outreach programs. This canvas is the cooperative work of the following seven artists: Leahbeth Harding, Tammy Keith, Aleta Karstad, Rose David, Caroline Marshall, Lisa Mackinley, and Barb Buchanan.

Leahbeth began this work by putting down the first layer on this canvas using a lovely deep blue, “in a swishy texture and then branches spreading out across the surface. I was thinking of secret places, enchanted forests, and deep peaceful nights. I think its journey played out very close to my initial thoughts.

Tammy Keith was the next artist to receive the canvas and says, “When I first saw this piece, I immediately saw a mystical tree. So, I added pearlescent ink as flowers.”

The painting was then passed to Aleta Karstad. “I painted the birds on this one – it looks so different now with the water, bridge, and goldfish that I hardly recognize it! The tiny flowers were a challenge, painted in detail so early in the collaboration, that it was hard to think what to do with it – but the curving vine stems had a rhythm that seemed to call for something musical and playful – so I thought of birds! They were all just done out of my head, with no photo reference. I wanted to preserve the fantasy feel of the painting. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out! ”

Aleta then transferred the canvas to Rose David. When she received it, she questioned what the birds were so interested in. “I decided to give them a focal point and added the swimming koi. In this way I was able to tie in the sky, tree branches and water”.

Caroline Marshall, was the fifth artist to get the work in progress. “When I received this piece, I thought of the four elements: Air (branches, blossoms and birds); Water (fish); Fire (the yellow bird like a Phoenix rising) … and so I painted the bridge and river banks to add the fourth element, Earth.”

Lisa Mackinley received the painting next and added her touches to it. “I was the second to last one on this canvas. I added a moon, definition to the birds and highlighted everything in a moonlit manner. (I added glow in the dark too).”

Barb Buchanan was the artist to add the last and final touches to the work. “I added highlights to the branches and I lightened up the back on the blue bird at the bottom. I also added a branch for him to stand on.”

Each of the artists bring their own personal style and eye to each canvas at every step of the process. They all hope you are enjoying the result of this co-operative venture. For more on the story, please visit the NGAG Facebook page.


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