North Grenville Arts Guild forges ahead with co-operative canvas project


With the second finished co-operative work, NGAG continues with its co-operative venture. Ten artists joined together to create ten totally unique works of art. Keeping in mind the final goal of auctioning the paintings in support of The North Grenville Public Library, and their various programs that benefit the community at large, the Guild wishes to thank The North Grenville Times for generously showcasing the project.

The following artists contributed to this canvas: Caroline Marshall, Ann Gruchy, Mary Moore, Tammy Keith, Barb Buchanan, Rose David and Leahbeth Harding.

Caroline Marshall was the first artist to add the first layer of this canvas. She said: “It was an easy choice. Water in all its forms is very appealing to many, so I began with sky, water and a dock in a way that could be easily built on by the subsequent artists.”

Next, Ann Gruchy received the painting which contained a dock and water that was already painted. “ I reconfigured the dock and added my two grandchildren fishing. Enhanced the sky a bit. I was hoping that the girls would be left in and they have been…..although colours a bit subdued, I think it turned out very nicely in the end.”

Then the painting was transferred to Mary Moore who added in another layer of colour in the dock, water and sky, moved the treeline on the left to make it appear closer and more intimate. She added the fir tree and the rocks as well.

Tammy Keith then received this painting next. “When I received this piece, I was more than a little intimidated. Those who know me, know I am much more comfortable with abstract (colour & textures). In the end, I decided to sketch and paint the squirrel on paper, then glued it onto the painting.”

Barb Buchanan said she interpreted the original artists concepts and expounded on it, “adding the kayaker as a personal tribute.”

When Rose David received the painting next, she said she felt that something was missing. “ On receiving this canvas, the one thing that I associate with water and fishing was missing. I added the seagulls.”

The final artist to contribute to the work was, Leahbeth Harding. “ I was last to contribute to this canvas, so I tidied up the sky and darkened the colour of the water to reflect a Canadian lake and help the colours of the figures pop. I also added more detail in the trees and grasses. This scene evokes the quintessential summer afternoon that many have experienced.”

The Guild will continue to present the canvas’ and hope that interested persons will visit their facebook page to learn more about the process, and the auction.


  1. The North Grenville Public Library is grateful to have partners like the NGAG. What a fun and collaborative project!


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