NGDHS Rotary Science Fair on Friday


The Annual Rotary Science Fair is taking place at North Grenville District High School on Friday, March 29, with the exhibit of projects open to the public from 8:30 am until 12:40. Matt Wilson, Science teacher at NGDHS is, once again, organising the Fair with the sponsorship of the Rotary Club. This year, Matt expects to have between 80 and 100 projects on display and in competition, a wonderful level of participation by the Grace 7 and 8 students at the school.

Thanks to Rotary’s support, as well as input from other sources, there will be a First, Second and Third prize awarded this year. Matt has lined up thirty judges in various areas of science to decide on the awards, which will be handed out on Friday afternoon in a special ceremony. Unfortunately, the award presentation is not open to the public, as regulations sharply limit the number of people who can fit into the Gym/Cafeteria at HGDHS.

Matt has been working through the past three years to expand the Science Fair to include other Grades, and it is his hope that other schools in the area, including St. Michael Catholic High School, could take part in future years. This will very likely require finding a larger venue for the Science Fair, given the limitations already being felt at NGDHS.

But, in the meantime, Matt has been encouraging other classes and schools to visit the Fair and be inspired by the work of the current participants. As Friday is a Transition day for the School Board, the Grade 6 classes from Kemptville Public School will be visiting NGDHS and will have an opportunity of touring the Science Fair. Perhaps they will be science project creators next year?

Parents and community are invited to drop by on Friday morning to the school to see what their children, neighbours and friends have been doing in science class this year.


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