by Darrell Nunn

Once again, North Grenville Community Theatre (NGCT), formerly Kemptville Players, is eagerly rehearsing a play that we hope will tickle your funny bone. We hope it makes you laugh out loud.

Mix together:

  • a stubborn, old‑fashioned father.
  • three independent‑minded strong willed daughters.
  • three pliant potential husbands.
  • a family business with mixed priorities, and
  • wedding negotiations
  • to get a timeless comedy of irresistible forces and immovable objects (characters).

The comedy is called “Hobson’s Choice.” In this comedy, Hobson is the father, but idiomatically, a ‘Hobson’s Choice’ means no choice at all. What choice WON’T Hobson have?

The play will take place from Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1 at Parish Hall on the Kemptville Campus: Thursday to Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 1 pm.

We are excited to be going back to this beautiful auditorium in which we used to perform a long time ago. It has a sloped floor with comfortable well‑padded seats right to the stage. The acoustics are excellent. There is plenty of nearby parking.

As an added bonus, on the Sunday, there a brunch will be available, catered by Catered Affairs in their attractive dining setting four minutes’ walk from Parish Hall. Their food is excellent. At the brunch, costumed cast members will be interacting with you in a spontaneous manner that will hint at/tease out some of the comedic themes of the play – an interactive luncheon for your taste buds and your sense of humour. Tickets for the luncheon and play combination will be available on a first come first served basis.

For the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 7 pm performances, refreshments will be available served by friendly faces in appropriate period costumes. We believe that live theatre is a unique, immersive experience. The actors look forward to lively audiences who will express their reactions ‑ of whatever sort ‑ audibly. Because of the combination of stage lighting and a dark auditorium, performers cannot easily see the audience. But we really hope that we will entertain you enough to HEAR you!

Between actors, director, producer, set designers and builders, publicity, front of house staff, it ‘takes a village’ to produce a play. My thanks to the many, many volunteers who help to make our performances a reality.


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