NG Times wins CCNA award for website


The goal of any newspaper is to spread information that is accessible to all. In the modern age, a website is a critical piece of this puzzle. The North Grenville Times website is managed by our beloved Christine Boyer, who works tirelessly to make sure that it is up to date with the great local content that keeps readers informed. 

Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

This year, the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards (CCNA) – an organization that celebrates the talent of local news publishers – has named the North Grenville Times website as the second best in the country, specifically in the category of papers with a total circulation of 9,999 copies or less. “The CCNA celebrates the best in community publishing from across the country,” said Christine. “Newspapers of similar circulation size compete against each other and are judged by a panel of industry experts. With a diverse array of awards categories covering editorial, photography and multimedia, the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards offer learning opportunities for publications of all sizes.”

Why have a website? Although many people enjoy the format of a hard copy newspaper, news posted online provides an accessible format for others to access news. For example, computers can enlarge the text of online news articles for people with visual impairments. The website also allows readers to access news that is relevant to them despite being outside of a contrived border that prevents them from receiving hard copy news – when a person lives just on the other side of the North Grenville border, for instance. Further, the website allows the Times to promote important events and charitable causes that are occurring before the next print edition will be released. 

Congratulations to Christine for making the North Grenville Times website into what it is today!




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