NG Council approves new committee clerk position


Council has given pre-budget approval to establish a new committee clerk position in the new year. Director of Corporate Services and Clerk, Cahl Pominville, told council that he believes this new position is much needed, with all the extra work that has been created for staff with this new council.

With the commencement of council’s work plan, they have established eight advisory committees, which all need to follow proper procedural processes at their meetings. The terms of reference for these committees require a staff member to be present at each meeting. On top of that, Council held 10 regular council meetings, 20 Committee of the Whole meetings, and 100 special meetings, as of the end of October. “I wouldn’t expect you to hit that number in three years, let alone in one year,” Cahl told council.

Councillor Barclay asked Cahl whether he thought a part-time temporary position might be warranted, instead of putting another permanent full-time staff member on the pay roll. Mayor Nancy Peckford was also concerned that, although there is enough work for an extra staff-person now, this may not be the case in the future.

Cahl is adamant that the Committee Clerk position needs to be full-time. “There is no way I would be looking for a part-time person for this position,” he said. He doesn’t see this person ever running out of things to do. For the past two years, when he has worked as both Clerk and Director of Corporate Services, he hasn’t had the time to work in the roll of Director of Corporate Services. “There really needs to be opportunity for someone in my position to sit back and look at policies and things,” he said. “The past couple years, there hasn’t been opportunity for that.”

With council’s approval, the Municipality will be advertising for the position in the new year. “The anticipation is that, starting in 2020, we will be ready to roll with the Committee Clerk position, as well as the Deputy Clerk, and have it in place as early in 2020 if possible,” said Interim CAO, Karen Dunlop.


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