Next phase of Shop Local campaign discussed


As part of the Love NG Marketing Campaign, Alphabet Creative consultants presented the next phase of the campaign to Council, along with their plans for supporting local business. The goal of the marketing campaign is to engage local residents to support North Grenville businesses as they continue through, and recover from, the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the development of the Love NG website, aimed to support local businesses by driving traffic to

Council approved the goals of the Love NG campaign and have directed municipal staff to continue to work with the consultants and Business Support Group (comprised of local business leaders and business support agencies) to further develop the concept and branding elements of the COVID-19 business support and shop local programs.

A new local currency is being distributed in the community. If you receive NG Green, see where you can spend it by clicking the “Accepts NG Green” filter. To learn more about the program, or register as a participating business, visit

The Municipality will be distributing NG Green in the community through contests and giveaways (see the Contest Terms and Conditions).

Those with money can spend it at participating businesses, and the businesses submit the green to the Municipality for reimbursement.


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