The Habitat for Humanity Restore has a brand new truck and it is all thanks to The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group of Perth  Miki Paczek of The Commonwell says that the donation is part of Create a Ripple Effect, their philanthropy program. With the opening of the Restore, The Commonwell donated $25,000 which helped them purchase a large truck allowing them to pick up donations from people’s houses.

“Having a truck has taken us to the level of a ReStore that has been open for years,” says Habitat for Humanity Restore Manager Mario Zambonin.

Although The Commonwell has been involved with other jurisdictions of Habitat for Humanity, it was Jim Halloran, the ReStore Chair for Habitat for Humanity Thousand Islands, that turned their attention towards the ReStore in Kemptville. Jim works for Puroclean, a company that specializes in repairing damage to buildings caused by fire, water, mould and biohazardous materials. They work closely with insurance companies like The Commonwell on many of their projects. It is through the connection with Jim that The Commonwell decided to make the Kemptville Restore one of their beneficiaries.

Representatives from both The Commonwell and Puroclean expressed interest in continuing to work with the Restore and donate any salvageable parts of the damaged buildings they see on a regular basis. Mario says they’ve already received a donation of flooring from a damaged house that is going to pay for three or four windows in the house planned for Oxford Mills.

Habitat for Humanity is not the only organization that The Commonwell supports. Last year they donated $575,000 to local charities and Miki says they are on track to do the same in 2016. “We are looking for people to apply for grants for this year.”

Photo: The Commonwell’s Paul Rolofs, Miki Paczek and Carmen Musgrave present $25,000 cheque to Habitat for Humanity Restore Chair Jim Halloran and Restore Manager Mario Zambonin.


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