New terms of reference for committees


New terms of reference for municipal committees have been prepared by staff and presented to council. The municipality has already adopted the terms of reference, and has put a call out for volunteers to join the Committee of Adjustment, and the Property Standards Committees. Both are legislated committees.

The Committee of Adjustment’s role is to consider the authorization of minor variances and usage of properties in accordance with the Planning Act. The Property Standards Committee is established to hear lawful appeals from an order issued by the Village Property Standards Officer. The Committee may determine if the order shall be upheld, modified, or rescinded, or decide to extend the time for complying with the order.

Terms of reference for other non-legislated committees were also presented to council at the last meeting. These include the Agricultural Advisory Committee, the Environmental Advisory Committee, the Economic Development Advisory Committee, the Recreation Advisory Committee, and the Heritage Advisory Committee. Council will now review the terms of reference for the various committees and decide whether they want to keep the committee structure as is, or create new committees which they feel would better serve the needs of the community.

Deputy Mayor Michael Cameron felt that this was too large a discussion to include in a regular council meeting and that a special meeting should be held to discuss their options. Mayor Doug Struthers suggested they hold the special meeting before the next regular meeting of council, so they could officially finalize the committees mid-May and put out a call for volunteers for all the non-legislated committees at once.

For more information on how to apply to volunteer for the Property Standards Committee or Committee of Adjustment, visit the municipal website.


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