New single release from local musician


by Brandon Mayer
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Singer- songwriter, Laura Rae, is releasing a new single on October 29. Laura, who is now based in Halifax, NS, grew up in Kemptville and is well-known in our community. The single, called “Glimpses of Ghosts”, is a follow-up to an earlier song, “Didn’t Know.” The Times was sent an advanced copy of “Glimpses of Ghosts”, which is rich in musical integrity, featuring a deep message sung over a piano accompaniment. Laura corresponded with the Times, providing insights about the meaning of the song, and describing it as “a piano ballad that echoes Agnes Obel’s reverb-infused vocals and solo piano, swelling to a chorus of airy vocables.”

Laura was asked to provide some insights into the message behind the music. “I wrote the tune after reading an article in Psychology Today that talked about the road not taken haunting us, and how to move past the desire to constantly look back,” Laura wrote. “The song is about the what ifs, the path not taken, what could have been… It’s about who you wish you had become, where you could have traveled, and all the doubts you’ve ever had. It’s about the wishes that never came true, about an unrealized version of you… All glimpses of ghosts. The ending, resolving in a chorus of airy vocables, brings a sense of peace.”

Growing up in Kemptville, Laura took private piano lessons and attended French school until Grade 8, at which point she switched to St. Michael Catholic High School so that she could get involved with the Kemptville Youth Musical Theatre Company (KYMTC). It was at this point in her life that Laura began composing and performing original music.

In 2008, Laura was asked to record a song for a cancer benefit CD called “Living in the Chorus.” This was organized by Brandon Mooney, of South Mountain, and Laura co-wrote the song with another musician, Andrew Hunt (a.k.a. FTRSL). The benefit CD was a success, which led to Laura and Andrew organizing a cancer benefit concert that raised over $2,000.

Laura moved to Ottawa to attend university in 2009, and then had a hiatus from composing and performing after moving to Halifax in 2014, though she always knew music would find her again. The time finally came in 2019, when social media led Laura back to Brandon Mooney, who, as it turns out, was now living in Halifax as well. Speaking of Brandon, Laura told the Times, “He really helped push me towards recording my songs and putting them out. He has been an amazing collaborator, playing the lead guitar on my first single, ‘Didn’t Know’, and will be featured on more upcoming tracks as well.”

That first single is currently in the Nova Scotia Top 30, ranked at #10. Listeners can vote at from Saturday to Thursday each week. Voting is once per week per email address. Laura is now an active musician, with six shows currently scheduled between now and January 15. However, she has not forgotten her small town Kemptville roots.

Anyone interested in learning more about Laura, or hearing her music, should visit her website at


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