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On September 20, local content marketing agency Market Pie celebrated its brand launch at Equinelle Golf Course in Kemptville. Members of the business community and their guests were invited to celebrate the launch and taste Market Pie’s special flavour of pie, symbolizing the unique way the company approaches marketing.

“We wanted to hold an event that introduces who we are, and what we do, to the community,” says Market Pie’s CEO, Micheal Pacitto. “We are the only content marketing company in North Grenville and hope to work with many businesses in the community to solve one of their main challenges – attracting great customers.”

Content marketing uses mostly online avenues to reach a business’ target market by providing them with useful content and information. By doing so, companies can position themselves as experts in their field and build up credibility in an honest and organic way. Using highly targeted content, Market Pie puts businesses on the map and ensures they stay top of mind for their ideal customer. Market Pie operates on marketing retainers, providing top notch service at an affordable price.

“We are excited to offer this innovative form of marketing to the business community,” says Market Pie President Sean Corbett. “Our goal is to deliver quality customers to our clients so they are free to do what they do best.”


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