The Board of Management of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area (BIA) are excited to announce the grand opening of Reborn by CatherineFit in the heart of Downtown Kemptville.

Catherine Swail’s journey in fitness began quite a few years ago, when she was at university and wasn’t quite happy with the 200lbs that she saw in the mirror. From there, she went to the gym with a purpose, and ate with more control and awareness. Her fat loss journey didn’t stop there. With some starts and stops along the way, she continues to adapt and change her eating and workout routines to suit her lifestyle. No one way of exercising works for everyone. After many years in the fitness industry, Catherine knows that modifying and adapting to her clients’ needs is the name of the game.

Debbie Wilson, Board Chair of Old Town Kemptville BIA, noted how well Catherine’s business fits into the area. “Downtown Kemptville seems to have naturally evolved over the past few years into a health and wellness hub. Catherine’s business is a perfect fit as part of that evolution. Her experience, her knowledge, and her passion for helping people reach their fitness goals is tremendous, and we have no doubt that she’ll make a positive impact on the downtown as a member of our Old Town Kemptville BIA family.

Catherine’s own connection goes back a long way. “I grew up in Kemptville, and I love the history of downtown. When the opportunity came about to open my own studio, I knew that my growing personal training business was ready for its own location. I wanted a spot where I could train my clients – a space to call my own, where they could get out of their house, de-stress, and take an hour just for themselves.

Reborn studio is exactly what was needed in Kemptville. A place that focuses on an inner and outer transformation.  This studio is a reminder that exercise is more than just aesthetics, but mental health too.

“At the moment, I mainly perform one-one Personal Training, and my clients love that it is just me and them. The rapport that I have with all of my clients is amazing. They tell me a lot about themselves, and how they want to feel better, and I aim to help them make that a reality. My goal with every session is to put sayings like ‘no pain, no gain’, and ‘more is better’, to rest. I want my clients to be able to move better, get stronger, and have less pain. Everything else is a bonus. The future of Reborn is to continue to help people in Kemptville become a better version of who they were yesterday. To enter each workout with purpose, and leave feeling proud and accomplished”.

For more information about Reborn by CatherineFit, visit her website at, follow her on Facebook at @CatherineFit Personal Training, or on Instagram @cat_fitpt, or email her at [email protected]. You can also call for an appointment at 613-327-5756, or drop by the gym at 138 Prescott Street. The gym hours are Monday to Friday, 6am to 9pm, Saturday 7am to 4pm, and closed on Sunday.

Please join us in welcoming Catherine to Downtown Kemptville.


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