New Community Pavilion being built in Eastons Corners


The Village of Merrickville-Wolford is pleased to announce the addition of a new community gathering place in Eastons Corners … the “Eastons Corners (EC) Pavilion”.

The Pavilion is being constructed at the north side of Centennial Hall in Wolford Ward to create a new vibrant, multi-purpose outdoor facility and community gathering space, generating synergies with the community centre and other existing facilities. It will enhance this vital community hub for family and group activities and events, further cultivating positive relationships and community well-being, both critical social needs as we recover from the protracted isolation and confinement of the pandemic.

The Pavilion will have electrical outlets and LED lighting to expand its potential uses during the day and evening for a wide variety of community-driven outdoor inclusive programming. Uses may include farmers and flea markets, makers markets, seasonal community celebrations, community BBQs, family reunions, fundraisers, small bands, live theatre, visual arts displays, workshops/courses, book reviews/presentations, and other creative activities sought by local arts and crafts groups, non-profit organizations and agriculture representatives.

Placing the Pavilion adjacent to Centennial Hall and amidst the tennis courts, skating rink, baseball diamonds and playground will create a complementary outdoor facility, optimizing existing facilities and further enhancing this community hub of activities, all of which can be organized by, and for, the community.

“I am really excited about this initiative,” said Merrickville-Wolford Mayor Doug Struthers. “The new EC Pavilion will be a resource for community organizations, cultivating our social wellness and rejuvenating a sense of community as we put the pandemic behind us,” he noted.

“The Pavilion will create a safe, vibrant multi-purpose outdoor facility and community gathering space that will generate both social and economic benefits for our community, revitalizing our social fabric and bringing people together,” said Mayor-Elect Mike Cameron.

“Creating a safe, inviting outdoor space for families, artists and the agriculture community drove my interest in pursuing the project,” commented Village CAO Doug Robertson. “I’m hoping it will create a new, community-driven channel for showcasing local produce, talents and products, bringing together our small businesses like restaurants, not-for-profits, families and local farmers, and providing a source of nutritious, fresh local produce and products for those who want to shop locally,” he added.

After pursuing grant opportunities over a span of years, staff were excited to finally secure a grant that covers the majority of the $200,000+ cost of the Pavilion, with the remaining balance approved by Village Council. Pandemic supply chain delays have put the project under tight time constraints to spend the funds and start construction before the frost arrives, so residents may have already noticed construction activity at the site.


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