New Committees of Council appointed


Merrickville-Wolford council appointed the members of their new municipal committees at the meeting of July 22. This is the culmination of a long process of identifying necessary committees, creating terms of reference, and then putting a call out for community volunteers. Mayor Doug Struthers says that all the individuals who put forward their names as volunteers on advisory committees will receive a thank you from council. Successful candidates will be receiving a package with their respective committee’s terms of reference, and staff will be setting up a municipal committee orientation session for all new appointees in August. The first official meetings of the new committees of council will be in September.

Committees are as follows:

Property Standards Committee: Cynthia Waldie; Patricia Watson; Yves Grandmaitre.
Heritage Advisory Committee: Cynthia Waldie; Peter Szmidt; Anne Barr; Donna Daw; and Ann Martin.

Committee of Adjustment: Lorne Walker; Denis Schryburt; Colin Hurman.

Recreation, Health and Wellness Advisory Committee: Scott Thompson; Kathleen Burnette-Dickie; Janet Fitzpatrick; Angie Cameron; and Sarah Lavalee.

Community Development Advisory Committee: Tom Belanger; Helen Canjar; Gillian Gray; Mike Zaversenuke; Donna Daw; and Colin Hurman.

Environment Advisory Committee: Janice Ife; Gary Brown; Paul Marriott; Claire Sexton; Anney de Gobeo.

Agriculture Advisory Committee: Helen Canjar; Gary Brown; Donna Daw.


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