New Board Chair has Experience as a Patient, Employee and Volunteer


James Pitruniak has a long connection with Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH). And now he is taking it one step further as the new Chair of the WDMH Board of Directors.

James was born at WDMH, grew up in Chesterville and was a patient at the hospital several times throughout his youth. His parents are still in the community and many of their healthcare needs are met at WDMH.

Shortly after graduating from McGill University, James took a short-term contract at WDMH, providing web development expertise to the hospital’s teaching program. In 2013, James joined the WDMH Board and says it has been a great experience.

“I saw a board recruitment ad in the local newspaper and thought it was a good chance to gain experience and support my local community,” he remembers. “I was humbled when I was accepted onto the Board.”

Over the past few years, James has served on various Board committees and learned more about how WDMH operates. He has served as Chair of the Quality Committee and he led the team that developed WDMH’s new Commitment Statement. “This is a very well-run hospital with a well-established senior team,” notes James. “And I’m honoured to follow in the footsteps of some strong Board Chairs.”

James says the last few months have truly tested the WDMH team. “I feel very proud to be able to support them during the pandemic. There is additional pressure to keep patients safe, support day-to-day operations, ensure the well-being of staff, while not losing site of major management and governance responsibilities like quality of care and financial stewardship. Everyone is doing a great job.”

James says the support of local communities makes all the difference: “It’s amazing what happens in a time of crisis. You really see the best of people as they show support for the hospital and its role in our community.”

When not volunteering, James oversees national partnership and community engagement strategies on behalf of MD Financial Management. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and is an experienced business developer, marketer, and financial services professional. When not working or volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and playing golf in Eastern Ontario.


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