Navy League invites applicants for the Board


The Kemptville Branch of the Navy League of Canada is a volunteer-based, educational youth charity devoted to the personal growth and development of young boys and girls of North Grenville and surrounding area. More than twenty articles have appeared in the North Grenville Times describing the scope, the quality, and the importance of the Cadet experience for young people in this exceptional Cadet Program, so many here and in the surrounding communities are aware of the Program.

The extraordinary contribution of the Branch Team, comprised of the Commanding Officers and officers of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corp Defiant and Navy League Cadet Corp Assiniboine, and the Executive and Members of the Branch Board of Directors, has produced an amazing environment for personal development for local young people. The Commanding Officers and their teams, comprised of parents and volunteers, inspire and deliver the program elements to the young people. Through their unceasing care and commitment to their cadets, they are the heart and soul of this program.

The Board of Directors, also comprised of committed parents and volunteers, exists to provide support to the two Corps. The Board support acts as the bedrock upon which the Program stands in the community. January, 2022, sees the end of terms of key Board Executive and Director positions. Without a strong functioning Board, the Program will fail and the region will lose its only Navy Cadet Program. The Board clearly needs caring, experienced people just like you.

Expressions of interest are being sought for candidates to accede to the positions of President, Secretary, and Vice President on the Executive ,and Director Public Relations/Communications; Director Membership and Volunteer Liaison; Director Community Service; and Director Awards and Special Events. The Branch also has a superb five-person Fundraising Team which also has a vacancy open. Terms of Reference for all positions are available for interested parties through Peter Milsom (,  (613) 215-0705). Readers are referred to the companion article headed “Navy League News” in this paper for a better appreciation of the program.

It is a busy time of year for all of us, but, thinking about a quieter January and a fun, meaningful role for yourself in the community in 2022, please give this opportunity some careful thought and act now to become engaged at the Annual General Meeting elections. A date will be announced publicly in the near future.


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