My Community Heroes Program


Since the inception of the Kemptville District Community Association (KDCA) residents of North Grenville may have gotten to know us during the original Open House meeting we held with all the community stakeholders in November 2018, you may recognize our name from organizing the in-person Canada Day events in 2019 and 2022 at Riverside Park, and virtual Canada Day celebrations the years between.  We are always looking for projects that make an impact in our community and in 2021 we were able to provide a much needed kayak launch at Anniversary Park. 

The KDCA  is jumping in front of 2023 with a lot of plans to get back to our purpose, supporting the communities of North Grenville and we are starting right off with launching our My Community Heroes Program! Can we ever have enough recognition of the amazing people who independently strive to bring value to our community?  Teachers who have gone above and beyond, individuals who have taken their personal passion and engaged the community in something amazing, perhaps one of the cashiers at your local grocery store saved a day?  The stories are endless and we want to hear them all.  

Our committee is comprised of some very recognizable names from the community and they will not have an easy time making an ultimate decision as we are already seeing some nominations being submitted!  From our KDCA Board: Tracy McDonald (Employment Services Supervisor, CSE Consulting), Chris Wilson (Commercial Risk Management, Tanner Insurance) and Alison Boudreau. From our Community:  Herb Cloutier (Jamming Around Man Productions),  Shelley Mitchell (To Be Continued)  Leanne Cormier (Salamanders) Ashley Sloan (Kemptville Infinity)  Samantha Rivet-Stevenson (RBC).

We have two catagories; Under 18 years old / Over 18 years old.  Pretty simple!  A take home award for each winner will be presented at our Annual General Meeting on March 23rd 2023 and an ongoing plaque will be hung at the North Grenville Municipal Centre.    

For those who may be interested in getting involved with the KDCA our Annual General Meeting will be open to all. We are actively seeking new board members, or those who may be interested in working alongside us on specific focus committees. Please reach out we would love to hear from you. Planning has already started for your Canada Day Celebrations started for this summer, come join in the fun!

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