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At a recent meeting of the Municipal Council’s Committee of the Whole, a report was presented on the amount paid to Mayor and Council for the year 2017. There is a supposition among many in the community that members of Council get paid large sums of money for the work they do. This is hardly the case. One of the problems municipalities often face in attracting people to run for election to Council is that the remuneration does not seem at all in keeping with the workload.

The Municipal Act 2001 requires the Treasurer of a municipality to provide to Council each year, on or before March 31, an itemized statement on remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year to each member of Council. By-law 19-17 was passed, authorising the release of this information in accordance with the requirements of the Act, and the totals for honorarium, benefits and expenses are $123,264.22. These benefits include mandatory statutory payroll deductions of Employer Health Tax (EHT) and Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). Contributions to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Municipal pension plan (OMERS) are applicable based on eligibility.

The expenses listed cover mileage, attendance at municipal conferences and community functions, as well as cell phone service. Mayor David Gordon’s conference expenses and travel are reimbursed by the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville.

The basics of the Report show that each Municipal Councillor was paid an honorarium of $18,808.18 in 2017, while the Mayor received $31,347.66. Councillors Donovan Arnaud and Frank Onasanya collected $1,946.63 each in expenses, while Deputy Mayor Tobin and Councillor Bertram were each paid $818.15 in benefits. In addition, Ms. Tobin received $90 for attending a Community Function. Mayor Gordon was paid $1,363.59 in that category.

Cell phones were almost equally used by the Councillors, averaging around $620. Deputy Mayor Tobin’s cell phone bill was somewhat higher, at $939.50. In total, the four Councillors received an average of $22,480, while the Mayor was paid $33,332.48. This amount for the Mayor does not include what he received from the United Counties for travel, conference attendance and accommodation.

The total cost to the taxpayers of North Grenville was just $123,264.22, which is around what each one of five senior Managers on the Municipal staff were paid in 2016. Their income will be released shortly under the so-called “Sunshine List”.


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