Municipality launches PITCH-IN 2021


The Municipality of North Grenville is launching Pitch-in 2021 – Social Distancing Edition 2.0. “Building on the success from last year’s social distancing edition, and given the interest from residents in cleaning up and beautifying our community, Council invites people to PITCH-IN while they are out in their neighbourhoods, or on the trails,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

The Municipality asks that individuals who wish to participate choose a public area in or near their neighbourhood and stay with members of their household. Residents are required to register with the Municipality by calling 613-258-9569 at extension 133 or via email at [email protected].

PITCH-IN Bags will be left outside the front doors of the North Grenville Municipal Centre (285 County Road 44) in an envelope with their name on it for pick up. Participants are asked to leave the filled bags out with their regular garbage pick-up. There is no bag tag required on the PITCH-IN Bags. “While this is not the time for group gatherings, helping to clean up your neighbourhood is a wonderful way to contribute to our incredible community,” added Councillor Kristin Strackerjan.

As of 2021, Pitch-In Canada has declared a year-long event with clean-ups organized throughout the year. North Grenville’s event has been registered for the month of April with a focus around Earth Day which is April 22, 2021. Council has proclaimed April 18 – 25, 2021 Pitch-In Canada Week.

PITCH-IN Week began in 1967 with a handful of concerned citizens picking up harmful debris along the shore of Vancouver Island. PITCH-IN CANADA is a national, community-based organization comprised of eco-action and community volunteers who believe that maintaining a quality environment and encouraging civic pride is everyone’s responsibility. PITCH-IN CANADA encourages voluntary action to keep communities clean, beautiful and to restore and maintain a healthy environment. The Municipality of North Grenville has participated in Pitch-In Canada since 2002.

PITCH-IN 2021 Safety Tips:

    • Be prepared – wear proper safety equipment (gloves, reflective vest)
    • PITCH-IN only with members of your immediate household
    • Watch for cars and be careful near roads
    • Do not pick up dangerous items
    • Be prepared to sort items for garbage or recycling
    • Wash your hands when you’re done


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