In his unwavering commitment to the Beth Donovan Hospice, MPP Steve Clark presented a member’s statement in Queens Park last week.

“On Friday, I attended the grand opening of the Beth Donovan Hospice’s new “forever home” in Kemptville. It’s a beautiful space that will bring the invaluable services they provide in North Grenville and Merrickville-Wolford under one roof. I’m so proud of the staff, the amazing volunteers and the community for their tremendous support since the hospice began 25 years ago.

But there’s one essential piece missing. As in so many rural communities in Ontario, there is no funding from the local LHIN to operate residential hospice beds. It’s cruel to force rural families to take a loved one from the community they’ve called home for years to spend their final days. A rural resident from Oxford Mills or Eastons Corners has as much right to die in a residential hospice setting near home as someone in the city of Ottawa.

I’ve had many conversations with the minister and his parliamentary assistant about this funding; however, the time for conversations is over. These communities have been patient, but now they want action and a fair share of rural hospice funding. The member for Ottawa South visited the Beth Donovan Hospice with me, so he knows how much this means to our community. I ask him and the minister to join me in demanding the Champlain LHIN immediately approve these residential hospice beds and the funding to operate them.”

Beth Donovan Hospice provides compassionate support and professional care to individuals and their families as they journey through the challenges of life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life transitions. Whether in a home or hospital setting, the experienced staff and trained volunteers of Beth Donovan Hospice give of themselves to ensure that the families receive the assistance, support and guidance they need.

Founded through the compassion and vision of generous volunteers, Beth Donovan Hospice has been providing services to the community for over 20 years in the North Grenville – Merrickville area. Their new 3,100 square foot home on five acres was purchased in March 2016, thanks to generous donors over the past 20 years who believed in rural residential hospice. The late Audrey McClenaghan made a large bequest to the organization in 2015 which was instrumental in acquiring their new home. With this new building, they have tremendous room to grow and realize their dream of residential beds.


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