by Tom Insley

The North Grenville Community Foundation [NGCF] will be hosting the community at the Second Annual “Movie Night on the Green” this Friday night at eQuinelle Golf Club. This year’s festivities will begin with the Charity Olympics at 6:30 pm. Events include bubble soccer, tug of war, sumo wrestling and, of course, the ever-popular dunk tank! This will be followed at 10 pm by the 1982 classic “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”.

“We want it to be fun and affordable,” says NGCF Chair, Daren Givoque. With Movie Night on the Green, and the Charity Olympics, the NGCF will be raising money through fundraising by the various people signed up for the activities, and sponsorship of the activities themselves. Through the generosity of community sponsors, there is no charge to families to watch the movie, and 100% of the funds raised through a nominal charge for the Charity Olympics will go directly to the Foundation.

Started in 1996 as the North Grenville Community Fund, the foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports the North Grenville community, now and into the future. Through fundraising, they support four charities a year that have roots, or make an impact, in North Grenville.

In a nutshell, the NGCF is an umbrella organization, under which anyone in the community can set up a fund. They also have one main fund, which acts as both a flow-through account where they can gift out money raised every year to local charities, and as a legacy fund, where interest is accrued to be invested back into the community later.

The NGCF sees itself, not only as a philanthropic organization, but also as an advocate for local charities and the community as a whole. “We try and educate the charities and get them to work together,” Daren says. “If you exhaust the community physically and financially, it is no better off.”

As part of this process, the NGCF is putting on a Charity Expo in the Fall, where they will be inviting all the charities in North Grenville to come together and facilitate discussion about how to make the best out of the resources available in the community.

For this year’s Movie Night on the Green, the NGCF has arranged for a 50-foot screen for easy viewing, and the area will be sprayed by Mosquito Buzz to ensure a bug-free experience! For more information, visit the NGCF webpage at:, or email


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